HVR International Limited is a world leader in the manufacture of Ceramic Carbon, High Voltage, High Energy Non Inductive Resistors.

Based in Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, UK, the company currently employs around 100 people and supplies the widest range of Ceramic Carbon Resistors available.


This product has been produced on the Jarrow site since 1963 initially under the name Morganite Resistors and later Allen-Bradley Electronics.


During the Morganite Resistor era, the company pioneered the development of a resistor to replace a metallic product in EHV Switchgear. Electrical Transmission Systems worldwide now utilise our Ceramic Carbon Resistor in this application.


We are now the major supplier of this product to multinational corporations worldwide and in some cases the sole supplier.


The scope of application for this resistor, ranges from Joules to Mega Joules. Its High Voltage and High Energy properties are utilised in a wide range of applications including Electrical Transmission, Pulse Power, AC/DC Drives, Traction, Dummy Loads and Pulse Forming Networks.


HVR International was formed in April 1991 with an emphasis on expanding our market into other applications where its unique properties are now recognised.


Our continuing policy is to pursue a market which demands the Highest Voltage and Energy per Unit Volume. In this respect the Ceramic Carbon Resistor is probably superior to any other.

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